It Had To Be You

a restaurant should not have a stage. isn’t food entertaining enough? but this restaurant does and i am on it. the piano player begins  “it had to be you,” and speaking of which, You are somewhere in the dimness.

my lips part and my voice lilts with timid desire.

talking – (disrespectful but i will be merciful) – scREEching microphone – (i smile louder to dissuade a duet) – bReAKing diShEs – (my eyes shock closed and my shoulders jerk, soldiers disobeying orders before i can give them) – Waiter takes an order and telephone rings – (i grip the microphone like a bullhorn)

Sabotage is a multitasker. i’m distracted by the noise, enraged at the noisemakers, disgusted with being distracted by and enraged at the noisemakers.

finally we’re outside and walking and You’re telling me, “you have a wonderful voice.” i can’t believe it but then i remember: it is a new song, i’m still learning it, and it is for You.

4 thoughts on “It Had To Be You

  1. There is hidden meaning in this post. I will decipher it.

    Also… I can’t help but inquire as to the difference in grammar and capitalization for this post. Is this intentional or did you make this post from a phone or something?

  2. It is interesting, isn’t it, how the unexpected things can either throw us off course or reaffirm our commitment to the barely discernable path that we were trying to follow from the start.

  3. An overdue explanation for an obscure piece: this is a sort of a prose spiritual reimagining of the scene in Annie Hall where Annie is singing and Alvy is watching; Annie represents me and Alvy represents God. And we’re all yawning.

  4. I love this. And at first I was convinced I was present at the event you’re describing, until at the end I realized it was not a real event, and you’re just a damn good writer.

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