Cinema Veritas

Written and performed by Ben Parman

Directed by Stacy Becker

All videos recorded and edited by Chad Johnstone
An interview with the Cineaste

14 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. Ben! This is incredible! Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I knew from the second I met you that you were absolutely brilliant. I like it when I am right! 🙂

  2. In all your fermentation and brewing of ideas, I know deep inside with a cherished little conviction, that amongst your sojourns abroad, personal progress, quest for truth, and spiritual walk, that somehow our little tours of hometown late at night years ago might be a humble little hop in the final brew that is you.

  3. Bravo, Ben. That was fantastic.
    (I remember sitting in the orchard with a little goat or two talking about your writing lyrics for music. How wonderful that this is the product of those efforts!)
    Again, I maintain, you are brilliant. I so envy your ability to translate thoughts/feelings/convictions into words.

    And you’re right – that IS hot!! And a much better ability than dancing because it never goes out of style and you can still do it after a double hip replacement 😉

  4. wow…bud…the lyrics and meter blew me away. I was so glad to have a pause button to process through the words that you shared. The depth of the stories, the truth of your heart and the passion of your life were transparent in each and every verse. Thank you for having the guts to share your heart.

  5. Hi Ben. Once again you’ve demonstrated your mastery of language and your ability to fluidly transition from one idea to the next. Now it is clear that you are also quite a capable performer. Congratulations.

  6. Emily showed me these poetry videos a while back but I didn’t comment since it was on her computer. Now, I’m commenting: Brilliant.

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