Starlings – January 2016 – Written by Ben Parman – Directed by Erin Nicole Eggers STVARLINGS-1080x1920 - Video

A screwball comedy that’s “too Christian for the gay demographic and too gay for the Christian demographic,” Starlings perches four estranged friends with different orientations and beliefs at a gay Christian conference. Can you be right and be friends, or do you have to choose? Fast, funny, and profound, Starlings will make you question how we flock together.

Music by Josh Kay. Graphic design by Kristie Cooper. Video recorded and produced by Chad Johnstone. Featuring Andrés Garuz, Amante T. Gray, Shannon Nettesheim Klein, Ben Parman, Claudio Parrone Jr., Cogan Holly Hall and David Sapiro.

The Play
The Press

“An alternately funny and gut-wrenching play…a conversation making as smart and moving a contribution to the halting dialogue between homosexuality and Christianity as I’ve seen on stage…Geoffrey Nauffts’ ‘Next Fall’ [dramatizes] the relationship between two gay men, one of whom is devoutly Christian and worried he’s ticketed for hell [and] was nominated for a Tony Award for best play…’Next Fall’ asked good questions and then continually ducked them while creating stereotypes. ‘Starlings’ consistently engages those same questions, thoughtfully and without resorting to stereotype. It’s not nearly as smooth or tight a play. But it’s smarter. Braver. More honest. Much more moving. And yes: better.” – Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


“A production that everyone—no matter skin color, religious beliefs or sexual preferences—should experience…Compassion can cross all barriers and sometimes it is all that’s needed to inspire change…One can only hope that this profound show is embraced and produced many more times in Milwaukee and beyond.” – Amanda Sullivan, Shepherd Express


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