Work In Progress

Work in Progress – March 2013 – Written by Ben Parman – Directed by Ken Williams

WIP Postcard

Everyone has a record, and no one knows that better than the staff and clients of Ready to Work, a nonprofit temp agency for ex-offenders.

All videos recorded and edited by Chad Johnstone. Additional recording by Dan Poh. Featuring Mario Andre, Ruth Arnell, Ryan Crice, Matt Koester, Mike Loranger, Amie Losi, Ty Love, Arielle Mason, Shannon Nettesheim Klein and Nate Press.

The Play
The Story Behind the Play

Graphic Art by Lauren Snedden.

Rehearsal photography by Doreen Piper.

Other photography by Ben Parman.

Paintings copyright George Tooker, Edward Hopper, Gibson Byrd, M.C. Escher and Lillyann George.

An Interview with the Playwright

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