Christians are the most non-Christian people I know.

I can say this with some authority since I am one.  We’re supposed to deliver God’s mail to His people – but we’re more like the USPS than FedEx.  We damage it, or get it dirty, or lose it altogether.

And we think we’re royalty.  We sequester ourselves in these expensive castles (called “churches”) surrounded by moats (called “values”).  We don’t associate with non-royal blood.  The entire scheme is so repulsive I can’t even understand why I’m a part of it.

But…there’s God.  And He’s good.  And He’s ready to do great things, if we’ll listen.  But we can’t listen if we spend all our time talking.  Talking about “what God hates,” “why abortion’s wrong,” “marriage is between a man and a woman,” in short using God as a vehicle to justify our views.  God speaks more about loving your neighbor than criticizing his lifestyle.  And if you’d rather judge than join hands, then pick a different God.  Stop pissing all over mine.

Have you seen Lars and the Real Girl?  It’s about a young man who buys a “love doll” off the internet (, not for masturbation, but companionship.  The community, recognizing the fantasy fulfills Lars’ social needs, cooperates – by lending clothes and talking to the doll as though she is a real girl.  They make love their religion, and through these selfless rituals, they are reborn.  This is the way of Christ.  It’s awkward and thankless and odd, and it’s the most beautiful thing we could ever do with our lives.