“So, alright, I just talked to my dad and he’s broke off the engagement with the gold digger after 3 years, thank God, and now he’s dating a woman he met on the internet. The highlights: she’s from Malaysia, so she’s Asian, and, uh, she works for I, I, MIT something blah blah blah something out there, anyways, she’s got a good job so I guess the point is she’s not a gold digger and she’s probably smart and she’s Asian, so I, I guess I’m supposed to, uh, accept that my dad has no type whatsoever, because he’s all over the board. I highly doubt that she has big huge giant tits like, uh, whatever, but she doesn’t like her real name – I can’t even pronounce it – so she asked him to call her something else, and she’s decided she wants to be called Angel, which, sorry, makes me think of strippers more than anything because I know a lot of strippers that go by Angel, so, I thought that was funny and, um, I have no idea how old she is or anything, I just find this amusing. I am kind of glad to be rid of the gold digger but, um, but uh, she already did a lot of damage, so hopefully, hopefully this new girl will allow my dad to recover a little bit financially. So anyway. My life is just hysterical. Like all of the time, really. I know you have a lot to write about, but if you ever run out, if you ever run out, just call me.”

3 thoughts on “Voicemail

  1. I am amused that you know a LOT of strippers that go by Angel! I do hope things work out. It is tough to see someone you care about in a potentially bad and/or abusive relationship that doesn’t bring out the best in that person. In general, it hurts a bit whenever we see our cherished ones do something that limits their potential, especially when we don’t know how to make things better.

  2. Good Lord, I’m so very glad our parents are still together. Thankyoujesus. I feel so bad for this person; to watch someone you love be taken advantage of like that… It makes me think violent thoughts.

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