Fuck off, we’re full.

The words are displayed across a map of the United States, like a gang tag on a brick wall, declaring turf war. Justifying this crass indictment of immigration are some helpful facts about what other countries do with unwanted humanity: imprisonment, execution. I shake my head in shame for the author. I know better!

I know I am no better.

Joseph and Mary knocked on one door. “Fuck off, we’re full.” And another. “Fuck off, we’re full.” And another. “Fuck off, we’re full.” And finally, in a stable, she gave birth to God’s son. Animals had more respect for Jesus than men.

The poor knock on our door. “Fuck off, we’re full.” Ex-offenders. “Fuck off, we’re full.” Homosexuals. “Fuck off, we’re full.” And Jesus is knocking.

6 thoughts on “Fuck off, we’re full.

    • I appreciate that you value our relationship enough to be honest. The point of my post was to prove we are just as bad as those we judge. I felt that changing the language would be assuming superiority; then again I am susceptible to shock value. 🙂

  1. I read it again. I don’t think it’s a display of shock value to use that language. I think it’s exactly the tone and language used against those who are being kept out, those who are oppressed. And I think Jesus wouldn’t get his knickers in a bunch over language to prove a point – He has better things to tend to 🙂

  2. Six years later and we seemed to have improved………In any case, I appreciate your comparison between Christ (the one the church swears it would never have rejected back then) and those today around us (the ones we are called to love as though they were Him whom we reject) and subtly inquiring as to whether or not we are open to receiving others as they are. As they need?

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