Monday, July 24, 2006

At this point, it qualifies as a two night stand.  Both of them on Sunday, incidentally – one of them Easter Sunday.  Oh yes, I’ve still got the chastity belt – they just jiggled the lock (for the less coquettish: shirts on, over the underwear, no orgasms).

But does any of this change the fact that this is not me?  That the only reason I maintain the semi-pure virginal standard (according to my statements) is because of my “asexual mystique”?  That I “do not desire intercourse with either gender”?  Of course these are included for variety, but shouldn’t the first be “because God’s protecting me, and I don’t want to defy that protection”?  Didn’t I, I don’t know, rather do that this evening?

“It’s like it wasn’t even me.  It was a cinematic me.”

I said this a little while afterward, aware of its inaccuracy.  It’s much more like a TV character based on a movie character – not the same actor, not as good.  Pointless, in fact.

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